The ACSI – India Corporate Partner Program was designed as a means of promoting greater opportunities for schools and school service providers to connect and interface for the benefit of both parties.

The basic annual cost to become an ACSI – India Corporate Partner is INR 10,000. There are three tiers of partnerships.
Contact us and we will give you our Corporate Partner program kit.

The program provides:

1. A direct link from our website to yours

2. An opportunity to sponsor and meet with our schools India-wide as part of our conference programming

3. An opportunity to participate in our annual Corporate Partners events

4. Various other networking opportunities to generate invaluable benefits for your business

5. Ability to participate in the strategic orientation and management of the association

6. Tax deductions for your Corporate Partner sponsorship fees

Additionally, we invite your company to partner with us and support us through:

School supplies and product discounts

Volunteer services in school faculty in all levels

Financial support to remote schools

Scholarship programs

Raising public awareness

Feel free to contact ACSI – India for more information.